10 Steps to Win Her Heart

When it comes to dating and seduction some men choose to give up. They think that talent for seduction is something that you are either born with or you never get it. It is true that for some men it comes naturally, but it can also be easily learned. The greatest secret of all the famous charmers in the world is that they truly admire women whose company make them feel happy. If someone’s presence makes you happy, and you do not know how to win her heart, here is a little help from a friend.

#1 – Power
A long time ago Oscar Wild had said:” Everything is about sex, except sex. Sex is about power.” Always keep in mind that the one who looses power falls for the other. Having power means to feel more in control, stable, to be sure that everything will be just the way you want it. It means that you know exactly who you are and what you deserve. You can spend time with her, get to know her, allow her to have all your attention but always be aware that there are other fish in the sea just waiting to find you.

#2 – Respect
A good piece of advice is to tell you that you should show her respect; a better one would be to tell you that you should show respect for all women. If you think that the simple opening of a door for her would make her suddenly feel love for you, then you are making a huge mistake. Respect for women is a way of life. It is your attitude and it can be noticed in every sentence that you say. Women are very intuitive about this stuff, so you better really mean it. You should be kind, even give her compliments, but only if you are honestly impressed. Also, you can treat her like a princess, but if she notices that you are rude to other women, you will totally fail. So, show honest respect!

#3 – Self-Respect
One of the biggest mistakes that men make is that once everything goes well, they are so afraid of loosing their partner that they are ready to accept grains of attention. Never accept that! If she has no time to speak on the phone properly, say that you will call her later and then do not call her for a while or even better, let her call you first. If she is in a hurry, no problem, you will be glad to see her some other time, when she finally has time to call you and talk with you without checking her mobile every couple of minutes. Also, never give up your insecurities, be confident about your qualities. She will treat you the way she perceives you, so let her see your better side.

#4 – Time
For most men, everything starts well and then they get lost. Usually, they are left wondering what went wrong. The reason for that is time. Never rush into anything, especially love. Take it slow, be cool, remember that you are still at the beginning and let her know that you are evaluating her as much as she is evaluating you. A common mistake is to relax and become too available. Continue with your obligations as usual, if you do not have them, create some. For example you can go out with your friends, women like guys who like having fun. Since you have earned her attention this is a great time to make her miss you. Out of blue, choose a few days not to call her. This will make her think about you and be happy once you are back.

#5 – Merits
Everything that comes easily goes easily. If she gets all your attention and feelings without any effort she will probably start thinking that she can lose you easily because she can get you back any time. Make her earn your attention, respect, time. The point is that she works a little harder than usual and always to be rewarded for nice behavior. That way she will respect what she has and the grass will never be greener in a neighbour’s yard.

#6 – Curiosity
If you are an open book to her you risk to become boring. Women like intrigue, romance and mysticism. Do not confuse this with any kind of lying; just do not confess every minute of your day. Also, do not get in details about her day because that gives away insecurity. A good thing would be to have some hobby that requires absence and concentration so you could not call and text all the time. If you are having a great time together she would definitely start missing you.

#7 – Looks
Take care of your looks. Always be clean, tidy, use a particular cologne that would remind her of you. The truth is that for most women, looks are not as important as confidence,which posses men who are secure about their looks. Go exercise; buy trendy clothes, anything that will make you happy. She might not suddenly notice the change of appearance but she will notice your self-confidence.

#8 – Flirting
Avoid the “friend zone”. Never be trapped to become a friend. There is a way out, but a very hard one so it is a much better option simply to avoid it. Never confess to her. No matter how close you are, she should respect you, so there is no need to explain too much. You are not somebody she can confess her deep secrets, you should become her deep secret. She should feel awe and respect and feel embarrassed to talk about things that are usually normal to share with friends. However, you should always be there for her, admire her and support her.

#9 – Friends
Her friends are really important and a sensitive part of the seduction. Most men fall in to the trap of trying to become close to her friends. There is no need for that; it is enough that they like you. When it comes to her girl friends, it would be really convenient if they would look at you as a good catch. This is very convenient because if they find you attractive they will make her realize that she wants you, then it is just the matter of time for the fire in her heart to start burning.

#10 – Less is More
Never make the first move. When you seduce always keep in mind that less is more. Like Mr. Big in the TV series, always keep her in the dark. Let her wonder, make plans, evaluate and then finally come to the conclusion that you are the one. Once you have completely realized the previous steps, she will convince herself that you are all she wants and you would not be able to convince her the opposite even if you wanted to.

source: uncoverdiscover.com


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